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Social Media - Karen
Golf - Adam
Mini-Mart - Lori
Membership - Janet

Social - open
Charity - Joanne
Newsletter- Lori

2019 Board of Directors

Karen Lyons, President

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I believe in supporting our community through local businesses and charity efforts and what better way than with phriends and partying with a purpose.  Since joining the AZ PHC in 2013, I have been on the BOD for four years (Member at Large, Secretary, Vice President and President) and participated on the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Parrot Grande committee. My hubby (Adam aka Whiskers) and I maintain the club website.  I really enjoy our club and am glad Whiskers and I decided to join.  The camaraderie is awesome and I enjoy doing great charity work while having fun. I look forward to continued Partying with a Purpose and another great year on the BOD!
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Tammy Bauman, Vice President


I have been a member of the club for over 20 years; besides being President, I have also held the positions of Secretary and Member at Large many times over the years.

My hubby (Michael aka Goat) and I host events at our home: Christmas/Holiday Party, Dive in Movie, House Concerts and anything else that may come up. I truly enjoy the club and all the members in it. I also participate in other events including Salsa Challenge, Packages From Home, Parrot Grande, Alzheimer’s Walk, Happy Hours – to name a few.

We do great charity work and I would like to see more people attend Happy Hours and get involved in some of our charity events – it truly is rewarding! We have an awesome club and I look forward to Partying with a Purpose with all of you!
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Lori Matteson, Treasurer


I have been involved with this club since about 2008 and have enjoyed participating in many of the club activities. Some of the events I have participated in are PF Chang’s Rock & Roll Marathon, Salsa Challenge, Parrot Grande, and Fins to the West.
I joined the Board in 2016 as Member at Large and chair the Newsletter and Mini Mart. I am looking forward to the New Year of 2019 and all the exciting events to come.
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Janet Spittle, Secretary


I joined AZ Parrot Head Club in 2014. My first event was the Water Station at the Rock and Roll Marathon. Since then I have attended over 20 club events including the Salsa Challenges, Packages from Home, Tour of the USO facility at the Airport, Bowling, Annual Picnic, Holiday Parties, Happy Hours and Parrot Grande.
In late 2015 I joined the Membership Committee and assisted making membership and event badges for all the 2016 members and events. I also assist with the 50/50 raffle at Club events. March of 2016 I was asked to fill an open Member at Large position on the Board and have attended all the Board of Director meeting since accepting the position. I recently volunteered to chair the collection of personal hygiene items throughout the year for different charity organizations. This way the Club will have items on hand for donation instead of collecting at the time of the event.
I was asked to fill the Secretary position in 2018 and will continue to grow and “Party with a Purpose,” actively bringing new suggestions and be of service as needed.
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Joanne mangis, member at large


I have been an East Valley resident for 44 years and recently retired after 40+ years in the banking industry.  I have been a member of AZPHC since 2014.  During that time I have attended monthly meetings, participated in 4 Parrot Grande events and most recently served at the Arizona Beer Fest and participated in Packages from Home.   

I currently serve as the Secretary for the Dobson Terrace Home Owners association, have been a team Captain for the American Cancer Society’s Climb to Conquer Cancer for the past ten years, serve in the Member-at-Large position for the Chandler American Legion Auxiliary and support numerous Junior Achievement volunteer events throughout the year. 

I joined the 2018 board of directors for AZPHC to become more involved in the club, meet new friends with the goal of supporting our charities and to add more PHUN into my life. 
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Kenny Bishop, member at large


I have been listening to Buffett music since 1978. I became a Parrot Head in 1984 when I went to my first Buffett Concert and haven't looked Back.

I became a Member of the Arizona Parrot Head Club in 2007 and love all the people, events, and charities we support. It would be an honor to serve on the Board
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Denise Karp, member at large


My name is Denise Karp and I have been an AZPHC member since my husband Larry surprised me with a membership last Christmas. I know a year may not seem like a long time as a member, but I’ve been socializing with club members and attending AZPHC events for at least the last decade and I know many of you.

I recently moved to Peoria after living in Washington state for nearly six years. While living in Quilcene, WA I became involved in the community by becoming an EMT and volunteered with the local fire district and responded to over 1,000 calls as a volunteer. I also volunteered to help organize the community fair and took on the responsibility of running the raffle committee for 5 years, helping to raise thousands of dollars that was then donated to local non-profits to help them with their programs, including the local food bank and the dollars for scholars’ program.

I get involved in the groups that I join, not just as a member in name, but as an active participant. I’ve been involved in helping run our son’s Boy Scout Troop and continued volunteering even after he became an adult leader himself. I also helped with his Little League organization for many years. When we moved to Washington about 6 years ago I got involved and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, working on repairing and rebuilding a local home. I also got involved in the local Little League program, running the concession stand for three years, taking them from losing money in previous years to making a profit for the organization.

Now, I am getting involved with AZPHC and taking on the position of member at large to assist the board and to grow the organization in any way I can. I would like to share my fundraising knowledge, so we can work together to raise more money for our quarterly charities. I’m sure I’ll get to meet all of you, if you are also active and attend club events.
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Toni soderman, member at large


I have been a member of the Arizona Parrot Heads for 10 years.  I had never heard of the Parrot Head Organization until my husband, Rocky, and I attended our first Jimmy Buffett Concert at Margaritaville in Glendale.  In the parking lot, before the concert, we met a bunch of crazy, fun people who told us they were Parrot Heads. We knew right away we had to join this club. The best part about being in our club is the wonderful friends you make all the while raising money and volunteering for charity. You meet people who are willing to give of their time to charitable causes.

Since joining I have been on the Board several times as Member-at-Large and Treasurer.  I have participated and helped at Packages from Home, Salsa and Margarita challenge for the Hemophilia Association, Mom O’Malley Poker Tournaments for Hospice of the Valley, poured beer at the Beer Fest, chaired the silent auction for Parrot Grande and hosted a Memorial Day party at our home.  I attended Meeting of the Minds and Phins to the West with good friends I have met through the club.

I want to continue to help the AZPHC by continuing to raise money for Arizona Charities and volunteering at local charity events.  We have a wonderful new Board and I look forward to helping us have a great new year.
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Mike mcmahon, member at large


I am a retired teacher with hobbies of travel, music, food/drink, fishing, writing. I have been a Parrot Head since almost the beginning of Arizona club. As a member I have organized Special Olympics, Feeding homeless at UMOM, lead parade float a number of years, Salsa Festival, volunteered at many club events like marathon, street clean up, etc... Love Jimmy's music and lifestyle and love what the Parrot Heads do for others! Big hearts! 
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phred parrot, mascot, world's most interesting parrot


I am the official mascot of the Arizona Parrot Head Club. I suppose you could say I have the best life, I simply travel around the world with my phriends who are parrot heads and get to visit some of the most beautiful places and listen to some amazing musicians and all the while I never have to pay for a Landshark or a boat drink! I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures and that you’ll look into joining your local parrot head club and come meet me soon at a tropical beach paradise bar near you soon.
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